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Long walks and heels  Empty Long walks and heels

Fri Dec 02, 2022 11:27 am
A friend of mine left the country a while ago to pursue his career. We were chatting while reminiscing about our adventures together and I remembered the one which was the most hilarious and most annoying of all times. So one day we had a meeting to go to so obviously I wore professional attire with heels. The meeting went all well and we decided to celebrate afterwards. We ended u going to a cafe but my friend being as annoying as he is decided to take the long walking route. We had to walk an hour to get to the cafe and yet he wouldn't hold my bag cause he wanted to make me suffer for wearing heels.
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Long walks and heels  Empty Re: Long walks and heels

Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:50 pm
Ouch, that must have been uncomfortable. It sounds like your friend was being deliberately unhelpful and insensitive to your needs. Wearing heels can be uncomfortable, and walking for an hour in them is likely to be even more so. It is inconsiderate and unkind for your friend to refuse to hold your bag and make you walk that long distance when you are already wearing uncomfortable shoes.
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