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Testnet vs mainnet Empty Testnet vs mainnet

Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:05 pm

• Purpose: an experimental network
• Cost of Operations: No real market value
• Genesis Block: Each has an independent block
• Nodes: Different from Mainnet
• Transaction Frequency: Less than Mainnet
• Used for testing, creation and modifying functionalities
• Monitor the blockchain network performance
• Bugs can easily be fixed
• Testing and stable application using a sandbox environment
• Some blockchains provide standard tools and testing methodologies
• Safe environment for security testing, load testing and integration

• Purpose: Main version
• Cost of Operations: Have real-life market value
• Genesis Block: Each net have an independent block
• Network ID: Each has a separate network ID
• Transaction Frequency: Higher than Testnet
• Enable Dapps to be launched for public use
• Final, most stable and fully functional
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Testnet vs mainnet Empty Re: Testnet vs mainnet

Tue Nov 29, 2022 8:55 am
In the Bittensor network, there is really no major difference between the two. The above-mentioned points define the two but when it comes to working in Bittensor there is no specific difference between them. To be able to use the testnet, the same way you would use the main net, only replace "nakamoto" with "nobunaga". There are not any separate guides as the difference in use is basically the above.
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