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Update on 5 September and its implications  Empty Update on 5 September and its implications

Wed Nov 16, 2022 1:12 pm
A new validator was released on September 5, 2022. It required the people who were running core_validator needed to update and restart their validators to retain consensus with the majority of updated validators.

It was intended to provide some improvements namely removing factors of excess variability across validators through regimented sampling and fully querying the network before weight setting that also excluded the lowest 10% of performers.

Synergy was to be averaged to more accurately support varying coalition sizes. Minor validator fixes rich table display delimitation, counting responsive UIDs when first encountered, and skipping repeat meta graph syncs.

It also aimed towards more consistent dividends per stake across validators and ensured more accurate incentives or servers however servers need to maintain their responsiveness to not fall in the bottom 10%.

Has anyone tested the incentive theory here? How has the incentive changed for you if you are running a server?
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