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What is your favorite feature of Bittensor? Empty What is your favorite feature of Bittensor?

Sun Jul 24, 2022 8:53 pm
Bittensor has many aspects to be excited about, many possible answers to that question.

I'll start. Its not an easy one but I came to a conclusion. Being a fan of open-source and wide-scale collaboration, the feature from a standpoint of passion I like the most is that it opens up potential for contribution and collaboration in ML development globally. In the current corporate and academic AI landscape there are many barriers to even start contributing and a lot of humanities potential to bring AI forward is wasted. Bittensor doesn't care about your degree or at what university you've studied, your experience or your nationality. It only cares about the performance of your model, the only thing that really matters in the end. I think thats deeply important and other industries could profit massively by adopting a similar framework. I'll gladly watch Bittensor pave the way and serve as inspiration for other innovators.

Keen to hear the answers of my dear 'peers' haha

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